Our Mission

  • To provide individuals who have had breast cancer better opportunities to regain control of their lives
  • Increase fitness levels and general well being thus, challenging each member physically and mentally
  • Develop a strong support group especially in the event of cancer recurrence
  • To instill pride in our accomplishments and move forward with our lives
  • Promote public awareness of the role of exercise and healthy lifestyle in preventing breast cancer and lymphedema
  • Provide awareness in the community that breast cancer survivors can lead rich and fulfilling lives thereby being a strong role model for our daughters and other women with breast cancer
  • To compete as a Breast Cancer Team in Festivals with Carnation Ceremonies
  • Assist in broader based fundraising campaign activities and community events in an effort to eradicate breast cancer

River Spirit Blessing

River Song

Uplift us

Circle us and make us one

River Strength

Flow in us

As we sound this heartbeat drum

River Spirit

Wild and free

Take us where we need to be

– written by Ann McCarthy